Progress Is Powerful

The beauty of exercise is how visible progress is. You get stronger, fitter, and faster. You can objectively do something that you failed at just a few days prior.

Experiencing this growth is like being a little kid again. You remember how much you can change, adapt, and evolve. The world of possibility opens.

Physical progress becomes a portal to cultivate awareness for more subjective improvement. You notice shifts in your mood, confidence, mindfulness, and more.

This is the ripple that begins with a small stone and spreads across your life. You become more present at home, more productive at work, and more energized for each day.

Sample Application:

In order to progress with exercise, you could:

learn a new movement or skill, increase your range of motion, improve your balance, increase your strength, lift a heavier weight, do more reps of an exercise, rest less between sets, continue an exercise for longer, complete an exercise faster, or even more unique ways to increase the difficulty.

the path to progress is only limited by your own creativity and understanding of levers of physical adaption.