Foundations First

Own the fundamentals. You are only as strong as your base.  The best athletes spend decades mastering the most simple skills.

The first stone in a tower is the most important. If it’s not stable, the rest crumbles. You can knock down the entire thing by just removing this one stone.

It’s difficult to determine if you enjoy something until you do it right. True skill development can be one of the most rewarding parts of training. Celebrate mastery of a movement.

Conscious effort unlocks the effortless flow of subconscious movement. Bring your attention to your form. Have awareness of your physical experience of a movement.

The foundational fundamentals can vary depending on your goals and pursuits. The important skills and movements to focus on will depend on your background and current capacities.

Sample application:

For most, this includes:

Ownership of key human movement patterns: squat, hip hinge, lunge, push, pull, crawl, walk, and run. The mobility to safely explore new movement patterns. The ability to bring stability to your body while challenging it in different range of motions. Enough aerobic capacity to walk, jog, bike, etc. And, most of all, the knowledge of how to train your body to prevent loss of capacities over time (strength, cardiovascular, range of motion, etc)