Energy Is Everything

Bring awareness to how you feel. When you wake. When you eat. During exercise. After exercise. While working. When resting or reading.

If we listen, our bodies tell us what activities are serving us and what are holding us back. It's in the way we feel during or around them.

These activities shape our energy and our energy shapes our life. It's the raw ingredients we need to live our lives fully and do the things we want to do.

Even more importantly, it's the foundation to how we feel in each moment. It dictates how we feel. Enthusiastic or apathetic. Vigorous or lethargic. Calm or uneasy. Beneath these labels are physical experiences and a felt sense.

We can consciously create conditions to cultivate our energy and our life.

Sample Application:

One of the best entry points to connect to your inner energy is to notice how your felt sense evolves throughout a workout.

As you begin the transition to exercise, bring your awareness to how your body feels. Is it tight and tense or fluid and open? Do you feel physically tired or invigorated? Pay attention to how different physical feelings align to your perceived motivation and excitement. Play with your breath. Slow it down. Speed it up. How does this change how you feel?

Begin your workout and notice the shifts within your body. Can you notice the fatigue as you train a muscle? Can you feel your heart rate increase as you increase the intensity? What does it feel like as you begin to deplete your energy systems?

Continue this focus on the physical sensations in your body as you finish the workout and continue your day. Do you feel different at the end than at the start? How does your energy feel in the ensuing hours? Is it stable or does it peak and crash?

Beginning to notice these shifts in energy will quickly highlight how much it impacts your experience of the moment and life.