I work one-on-one with people who want to go deeper with intuitive fitness and embodied exercise


Guiding you to uncover an approach you enjoy and tailor it to the life you want to live



Education & Troubleshooting

Progression and Lifestyle Design

This is not your typical fitness coaching. I don't just give you a plan you have to do. I'm not here to hold you accountable. Instead, we explore what you want from exercise and how to better align with these desires.

We focus on increasing the effectiveness and enjoyment of your exercise by embracing principles that support a more intuitive and embodied approach. The goal is to help you take full ownership of your fitness.

Success is when you become someone who loves exercise and feels confident in playing the long game of fitness.

Develop the capacity to play the long-game of fitness your way


People who know fitness can be a more powerful force in their life and want to embrace it more fully from within

My goal is to help you:

Level up your exercise and align to your values

Learn new techniques and explore new activities

Increase your energy, performance, and confidence

Develop an authentic and sustainable approach  

Extend your health and vitality across life

Build your capacity to renew in the years ahead

Tate H

" Working with Sam is the single best thing I’ve ever done for my health. I feel stronger, more confident, and finally have a routine that works for me and my goals that allows me to stay consistent. I had no idea how to do strength training and I now spend most of my time in the weight section feeling confident and at ease."

Rob H

" It's weird to say this, but I kinda love exercise now? I used to be so rigid and put pressure on myself to "do it right". After three months of working with Sam virtually, most of those old patterns have dissolved, and I'm approaching fitness from my intuition. It's finally starting to feel less like a punishment, and more like a game I want to keep playing for the rest of my life."

Meet Your Coach

"Hi, I'm Sam, founder of Intuitive Fitness. I believe a unique and effective approach to wellness lies within each of us. We must all take ownership of our own health. My goal is to help you craft your own path and have fun along the journey."

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I am currently at capacity for long-term clients but offer individual coaching calls in a "pay what you want" model.

My goal is to spread the message that exercise can be enjoyable and help you make it a more powerful force in your life.

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Identifying what you want out of exercise

Designing an approach to better match goals

Troubleshooting challenges and barriers

Brainstorming new areas for exploration